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The SCX3500-3 is equipped with eco-friendly devices including a new Stage IV engine, eco winch and idle stop. These eco-friendly functions enable the SCX3500-3 to comply with the latest emission regulations and result in low fuel consumption.

Compact and safe

The SCX3500 offers a standard specification with a high-performance lifting capacity, but also a short-tail swing radius (1.5m shorter than standard models). This is available for the first time in the 350-tonne crawler crane class.

It has a unique compact design for operating in confined spaces. It is also versatile thanks to its capacity for working from wide to small radius settings. The newly designed cab enhances visibility through front and both side windows for safety and efficiency.

Easy transport and assembly

The SCX3500-3 is easy to transport thanks to the width of the superstructure being less than three meters. Its weight can also be reduced to 32t by the standard front/rear-split upper structure with hydraulic assist pin. The hook-on and pin joint system reduces commissioning time and ensures safe assembly.

The QuickDraw system is also available for the self-installation/removal of the heavy crawler side frames, boom base and lower weights. With this design, the time and cost of the assembly is almost the same as a medium-sized crane.


  • TypeSCX3500-3
  • Motorvermogen (kW)272
  • Maximale hijscapacitiet (txm)350 x 5.0
  • Maximale gieklengte (m)72
  • Maximale giek + fly jib (m)60+60
  • Bedrijfsgewicht (t)147

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