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Precise and eco-friendly

The SCX1200-3 has been designed to offer an exceptional performance, with a powerful winch and strong booms. An increased boom dimension and foot width has reinforced the strength of the booms, and it operates with utmost precision on any kind of job. A newly designed cab enhances visibility through front and both side windows for safety and efficiency.

The SCX1200-3 is also equipped with eco-friendly devices including a new Stage IV engine, an eco winch and idle stop function. These features enable the crane to meet the latest emissions regulations and operate with low fuel consumption.

Easy to transport

The SCX1200-3 can be loaded on to 3m-wide trailers, and the weight of the main body has been kept under 30t to enhance transportability. Devices such as the quick-draw and counterweight self-assembly unit enable the SCX1200-3 to be quickly assembled without a support crane.


  • TypeSCX1200-3
  • Motorvermogen (kW)201
  • Maximale hijscapacitiet (txm)120 x 5.0
  • Maximale gieklengte (m)75
  • Maximale giek + fly jib (m)63 + 28
  • Motorvermogen (kW)215
  • Bedrijfsgewicht (t)122

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