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Dutch contractor Gebr. De Koning, acquired the SCX1000A-3 to work on concrete structure, waterworks and foundation contracts. Managing Director Leo van Dijk, who is responsible for the company’s fleet of machinery, says: “The flexibility and versatility of the new crane were the key factors in deciding to buy the SCX1000A-3.”

Leo adds: “The reliability and robustness of Hitachi Sumitomo cranes are well known, and they are therefore in demand on a global basis with high residual values. The environment is also of paramount importance, for example when working on a ProRail project the CO2 emissions are carefully monitored and the fuel consumption is also an important factor.”

Powerful and eco-friendly

The SCX1000A-3 has been designed to offer an exceptional performance, with a powerful winch variation that increases flexibility. The 12t and 13.5t-rated line-pull winch can be selected according to the requirements of the job.

The SCX1000A-3 is also equipped with eco-friendly devices including a new Stage IV engine, an eco winch and idle stop function. These features enable the crane to meet the latest emissions regulations and operate with low fuel consumption.

Easy to transport

The SCX1000A-3 has been designed to be easy to transport from one job site to the next. It can be loaded on to 3m-wide trailers without side frames, and the weight of the main body has been kept under 30t to improve transportability. The tracks can also be retracted by 3,400mm and loaded on to special trailers with side frames.

Power and productivity boosts confidence

The goal was to make valuable contributions in various fields around the world. To achieve this, HSC created a whole new benchmark for crawler cranes.

The result is powerful and smooth work capabilities, backed with advanced operations; highly-efficient transportation and assembly; eco-friendly with great fuel economy. And of course safety and reliability are paramount.

Designed with peace of mind to boost confidence, the ideal crawler crane is now available.


  • TypeSCX1000A-3
  • Bedrijfsgewicht (t)104
  • Maximale hijscapacitiet (txm)100 x 3.8
  • Maximale gieklengte (m)60
  • Maximale giek + fly jib (m)51 + 28
  • Maximale trekkracht kabel (kN)215

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